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   The new E series high specific energy battery developed by Evada based on state-of-the-art technologies meets the performance index requirements specified by YD/T799-2002 and IEC standards. The product has many benefits such as safe sealing, high specific energy, low internal resistance, low self-discharge rate, strong charge acceptance, long cycle life, high sealed reaction efficiency, etc. During normal use, it is free of free electrolyte or acid fog overflow. It is easy to use and operate and is widely applied in telecommunication system, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), fire alarm and security systems, emergency lighting system, mobile measurement system, electric power system, instruments, military field, railway system, automatic control equipment and other fields.
   The battery container and cover made of high strength ABS plastic feature compact structure, high impact resistance and sound vibration resistance. 
   Special lead-base alloy plates and grids with low internal resistance, sound corrosion resistance and strong charge acceptance. 
   The polar plates based on cutting-edge manufacturing process enable high utilization ration of active substances. 
   The high-quality super-fine glass fiber separators provides sound discharge performance in high rate current.
   The high purity electrolyte and special additive results in low self-discharge rate.
  The multi-layer sealing technology and special sealant protect the battery from leakage and acid fog overflow, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  Main technical indexes
   Under normal operating conditions (25℃), the floating charging life can be as long as 6 years;
   The battery is protected from leakage and acid fog and does not require adding acid or water during use; 
   Self-discharge rate < 4% (25℃, 28 days);
   Deep cycle life ≥600 (80%DOD);
   Operating temperature: -15℃~+45℃;
   Sealed reaction efficiency > 96%.
Please contact Evada for detailed technical parameters. The above information is for reference only, please subject to the actual product.