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HP-GY series industrial UPS 10KVA-200KVA


Application fields

Industrial control system, natural gasand petroleum, industrial mechanical device and measurement

Military application and securitysystem, nuclear energy and other industrial energy power supply system

Hospital, airport, semiconductor, watertreatment and metallurgy and other infrastructure

Performance features

Ø  Authentic online dual conversion and DSP controltechnology

l  Dual conversion of input/output, batteryand bypass, to effectively remove all interference from the grid

l  High-performance DSP digital signalprocessor, to achieve all-digital THDC control

Ø  -澳门新葡京娱乐p9332.comExcellent electrical performance, revent damage to and bottom connection

l  Accept wide input voltage and frequency

l  Adaptation to the harshest infrastructurecondition

l  Able to remove harmful distortion of electricityand resist serious influence from various loads

Ø  Adoption of cabinets without any screwand boards with full three-proofing coating, able to handle a harsh environment

Adoption of outside cabinets without anyscrew and all PCB boards applied with damp-proof, dust-proof, anti-static,anti-seep and anti-corrosion insulating coating, solid design adapting to harshenvironment, high temperature, high humidity and dusty environment

Ø  Unique ventilation design and effectivecooling system

With the unique ventilation design, formconvection when the heat going up

Ø  Adjustable quantity of battery 

Adjustable quantity of battery, to meetvarious direct current requirements -澳门老葡京国际

Ø  Generator input compatible

Allow to connect two independent powersupply, to improve the reliability of the equipment

Ø   Large overload capacity and high shortcircuit protection

 Have high short circuit protection function, that is incase of one time short circuit, the mechanism will be activated, the load willbe under constant protection, and able to support 110% overload for 6 minutesand support 125% overload for 10 minutes

Ø  N+X parallel redundancy

Parallel needs no balancereactance, to enlarge system capacity and improve the reliability of powerredundancy

Ø  ECO energy-saving mode

Ø  ECO energy-saving mode, toreduce energy consumption

Ø  Full-front installation and maintenance,to save space for users

Withthe full-front design, convenient operation, maintenance and replacement fromthe front board